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2018 Winter Meeting Recap

The 2018 Winter Meeting was held at Corner Pub and Grill on December 23rd at 3:00 AM. 6 of 9 teams were represented.

Here is a rundown of the meeting and what to look forward to in 2019:

After a quick recap of SWBL Season 16, we led into Season 17 Goals/Info:

-We will continue our full length live audio broadcasting with commentators. If interested in commentating, let the front office know.

-We are looking to gain more sponsorships from local businesses. WIFFLE and Academy Sports are our main targets.

-We are continuing our Porta Potty experience; everyone had nothing but positives to say.

-We will be working with SpencerGear to add new merchandise including hoodies and more.

-Team registration fee is still 125 dollars per team, due before first game of the season.

-There are no new teams this year, so we are keeping with the same format with 3 Divisions/5 playoff teams. For the division draw the Twins, Royals, and Rockies are in the first tier; Brewers, Yankees, and A’s in the second tier; and the Expos, Astros, and Diamondbax in the third.

-2019 All Star Game – Gus and Chris are captains, Chris is Home Team

-HOF Nominees for 2019: Jeff Bertram, Spencer Bogad, Paul Castellano, Kevin Wiethuchter, Sam Bakula, and Brian Kenney

Season 17 Rule Changes:

-Speed Limit has been raised to 55 MPH. (unanimous vote)

-Same Rules apply from last year when rule is violated:

-Hitting Team will be responsible for holding the gun. If they want a pitcher to be monitored they have to hold it.

-Pitchers will get two warnings, then on the third violation will be removed from the

pitching position.

-All warnings will be an automatic ball, but hitter has the right to swing at the pitch, and like

a defensive offsides in football, is a free play for the offense and can choose the outcome.

-There will have to be some sense of gentlemanly behavior with this new rule.

-The Championship will return to a 5-inning game. (unanimous vote)

-Out of Towner Roster Rule: Any player coming from another NWLA league, will not be allowed to sign with any team that they want to. The SWBL Diamondbax will get their first choice of these players to fill their roster however they see fit. The rest of these players will head to the draft, where any team can take them. If the Diamondbax or any team drafts one of these players, they must play in at least 3 games with the team that drafted them. (unanimous vote)

-January 15th Restricted Free Agency turns into Unrestricted Free Agency so get those players signed if you don't want other teams talking to them. Check the Hot Stove on the website for up to date contracts.

-2018 First Round Draft Order: D Bax (Out of Towner Selections), Astros, Expos, Athletics, Yankees, Brewers, Rockies, Royals, Twins

-Save the Date for the 2019 NWLA Tournament - July 12-14

Dates to remember:

-Registration Period: January 1st – March 15th

-Division Draw/Possible Media Day: February 2019

-Rookie Draft: March 2019

-Captains Meeting: Mid May 2019

-League Fees due BEFORE first game on May 24th.

-Season 16 Dates: May 24th-May 27th

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