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Why I Should Be A Hall of Famer

Now that this league has taken up half of my existence on the planet, here are a few reasons why I should be in the SWBL Hall of Fame

  1. Founding father. I helped build the original field back when we had no idea what we were doing.

  2. Best fashion in the league. Because who doesn’t like an overweight 30 year old pitching shirtless wearing pants?

  3. Barefoot. Because spikes are for losers.

  4. Heart. While my stats may have become awful in the last few years I won’t give up until the Expos hoist the trophy.

  5. Loyalty. John Leicht was my teammate season 1 and has recently become one of the key pieces to the Expos success.

  6. Beers. Because the Expos know how to bring the party

  7. Heckling. No one is better at getting Brett Spencer fired up and ready to fight someone. (Except for possibly Rob Walters)

This article is not meant as a plea to get me votes. It’s for you to know the truth and that this league would be boring without me.

If anyone needs me to drop some knowledge on them this weekend, you know where to find me. Cheers to the expos 4-5 wins this season!

May this league live on forever!

Mic drop.

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