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Awards Recap

Below are the 2017 Season 15 Awards given out on Monday, May 29th, 2017:

NWLA Awards Recognition

Louisville Chugger Farthest Hit: Luke Bakula

Drunk Runner Winner: Evan Close

Farthest Bat Toss: Zach Artim

Team Chris All Stars: Tyler Flakne, Scott Pohle, Chris Meador, Jackson Crosley

Team Alex All Stars: Sam Skibbe, David Olderman, Bryan Benware, Patrick Gatti

HR Derby Champ:

MVP: Sam Skibbe

CY Wiffle: Jackson Crosley

Platinum Hands: Brian Kenney

LF Gold Hands: Brian Kenney

RF Gold Hands: Steve Hays

P Gold Hands: Will Rath

Rookie of the Year: Zach Artim

Franchise of the Year: SWBL Astros

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