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New Sponsorships Headline Division Draw

In the nick of time, three sponsorships have been garnered for the first ever season in which we go to three divisions in the franchise era.

We are so proud to announce partnerships with the following sponsors who will get the naming rights to one of our three divisions:

They will join the SWBL Sponsorship family in 2017 along with Corner Pub and Grill, Rubin-Brown, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Brekx.

The division draw was held on a fantastic February day of 76 degrees. Spring Training games were played beforehand and 8 out of 9 teams were represented. Below is the list of the draw and which teams will be featured in each division:

Glendale Chrysler Division:

Twins (Tier 1 Team)

Yankees (Tier 2 Team)

Diamondbax (Tier 3 Team)

Sportsbarn STL Division:

Rockies (Tier 1 Team)

Brewers (Tier 2 Team)

Expos (Tier 3 Team)

STL Sandbar Division:

Athletics (Tier 1 Team)

Royals (Tier 2 Team)

Astros (Tier 3 Team)

Thanks again for everyone who came out to the 2017 Division draw and thank you so much to all of our sponsors!

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