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The "Decision"

Yesterday, Brett Spencer and Sam Skibbe (myself but I am going to talk in third person) decided their immediate SWBL fate in choosing their teams for Season 14.

The league decided to produce a wiffle video unlike any of it's kind and it turned out to be a humdinger. Peter Leicht hosted the, around 20-minute special, which included dramatic, career altering decisions. The wiffle world waited on pins and needles as the two biggest names in free agency decided which teams they would join in 2016.

Brett received contract offers from the Astros, Brewers, Expos, and Rockies

Sam received contract offers from the Astros, Athletics, and Royals

In SWBL fashion, both players went with their hearts and chose family. This league was built on family traditions and a sense of community and now two more teams will share a set of brothers.

Sam Skibbe joins the Royals under captain and younger brother, Gus Skibbe, making it the second time the Skibbe brothers have played together in their careers. The Royals this offseason found themselves down a player when they lost Edloe Donnan and Spencer Bogad to the Phillies, with only one replacement coming by the name of 4-time champ, Paul Castellano, who finds his new home after the Rays disbanded in the offseason. Sam fills in as the fourth player on the roster, now it all rides on if Ty will truly be there for Season 14 or if the baby will have other plans.

Brett Spencer joins the Rockies, under captain and younger brother, Blake Spencer, making this the first time in their long careers that they will play with the same franchise. After winning the championship in 2015, the Rockies only get stronger with Brett added to the roster. Their pitching depth gets completely bolstered and might be hands down the best in years. The only concern is the split in playing time. Does Blake plan to bat five or will there be a platoon with Grant and Kyle? No matter what though, this team looks to make it back to the Championship in 2016 and win back to back.

The Rockies and Royals will face off during Interleague Play at 3:30 PM on Sunday. The first time Brett and Sam have faced off against each other since 2008.

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