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2016 Draft Recap

The 4th Annual SWBL Draft for the 2016 Season 14 was held on Saturday, March 19th, 1:00 PM at the Skibbe Wiffleball Complex in St. Louis, MO.

Here is the recap of the afternoon draft:

First Round:

1. Expos - Matt Germer

2. Phillies - Tyler Flakne

3. Astros - Sam Rosener

Athletics trade their 2016 1st Round Draft Pick to the Phillies.

4. Phillies - Jeremy Ratajczyk

5. Brewers - Bud Light

6. Royals - Jordan Smith

7. Jay Peters - Yankees

8. Rockies - Evan Close

Supplemental Round Picks:

1. Astros - Matt Rosener

2. Phillies - Pass

Second Round:

Everyone passes except for the Brewers who select: Don Hogan

The draft went pretty much according to plan except for a few surprises...

-The draft pick from the Brewers in choosing Peter Leicht's cousin Bud (Light) in the first round over a real rookie that they drafted in the second...wonder how Don feels about getting drafted after a beer...

-The Phillies traded up to get Jeremy Ratajczyk who probably won't even be able to make it to the weekend season...

-The Yankees steal a target player of the Astros only to prolong the signing of Jay to the newest expansion team...

Thanks to Peter Leicht and Blake Spencer for their help in analyzing this year's draft. Here is the link to see the draft video:

Chris Neumann and Tommy Beatman were the only players not selected in this year's draft. They have been added to the list of free agents.

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