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New Look National League

Well, it's official, the National League is set and we welcome the newest Franchise to the SWBL Family, the Phillies.

This morning, Chris Meador contacted the front office with his official declaration for the newest NL Franchise, with a solid plan of action in place to fill his squad. While, we are not in a place to reveal his roster plans, I am sure the rumor mill will be churning heavier than ever with the news of an official expansion team.

When asked why the Phillies were his team of choice and not the original idea of the Marlins, Chris has this to say, "Honestly because red is easier to find to wear than lime green and orange." So this is good news that the new franchise looks to make sure they follow the new guidelines on matching/themed uniforms.

We also asked Chris what his thoughts were on being a captain again and he replied, "Excited to get the chance to compete in the NL and build new rivalries." This will be the youngest team in the National League and will shake up how the divisions are setup. Chris is also committed to winning, "Obvisouly I am proud of my playoff record and look to improve on it."

Chris also plans to bring a new strategy to the game in St. Louis, MO and when asked to expand on that he replied, "A true sabermatrician never tells."

Good luck to the Phillies in their future as Chris tries to build a contender in a division that includes the reigning Champions of the SWBL, the Rockies with the always prominent Blake Spencer and the consistently solid Brew Crew with reigning MVP, Peter Leicht.

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