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2015 NWLA Review

Article by: Sam Skibbe

2015 was another great year of wiffleball for the SWBL and the sport in general. With the offseason in full swing and Winter Meeting on the horizon, let’s take a look back at the SWBL and the recognition received from the National Wiffleball League Association (NWLA) in 2015.

Every year, the NWLA has many opportunities for leagues around the U.S. and Canada to be recognized in many ways including: the National Tournament in Ohio, the National Hall of Fame, Team Rankings, National Teams Lists, the Annual Wiffy Awards, and much more. Here is a list of the SWBL accomplishments with the NWLA in 2015:

NWLA 1st Annual Regionals Tournament

-Hosted by the SWBL, 4 leagues across the country came out to bid for a spot in the National Tournament. The SWBL tied for first place in the regional going 3-1, with the highlight of the regional tournament going to Spencer Bogad who pitched a no-hitter (one walk) against the WWL.

NWLA 4th Annual National Tournament

-SWBL Cardinals finished in 5th Place, achieving the number one seed in the double elimination tournament yet again after going 3-0 in pool play and leading the tournament in team offensive statistics.

NWLA Rankings (Top 25)

-Rockies finish 8th in the National Team Rankings.

-Royals finish 23rd in the National Team Rankings.

-SWBL Website finishes 4th on the National Website Rankings.

NWLA National Teams Lists

-Gus Skibbe: Third Team Pitchers, Second Team Fielders

-Ty Butler: First Team Fielders, Third Team Hitters

-Peter Leicht: First Team Fielders, First Team Hitters

-Chris Meador: Third Team Fielders

-Blake Spencer: First Team Hitters

-Sam Bakula: Third Team Fielders

-Chris Costello: First Team Rookies

-Michael Karl: First Team Rookies

-John Doerries: Third Team Rookies

-Ian Baker: Third Team Rookies

NWLA Wiffy Awards

-Peter Leicht: National and West Hitter of the Year

-Blake Spencer: West Player of the Year

-Ty Butler: West Fielder of the Year

-Chris Costello: West Rookie of the Year

-NWLA National Podcast of the Year

-NWLA Event of the Year - NWLA Regionals (1/4)

Congratulations to all of our NWLA honorees in what was a very successful year of wiffleball. I am one very proud Commissioner, and I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for the SWBL!

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