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Rockies Win Season 13

Article By: Sam Skibbe

After years of never being pre-ranked above 5th in the preseason power rankings, the Rockies have proved everyone wrong by not only being the only team in the Franchise Era to make it to the playoffs in every season, but becoming only the second franchise to win a Championship in the era as well.

The Rockies were a consistent threat all year long as they finished 7-3 on the year and went 3-1 in interleague play. Their other two losses coming against the Brewers, who they would seek revenge from in the National League Championship game.

Blake Spencer gets his second championship of his career and after Peter and Gus were selected into the Hall of Fame in 2015, Blake is a sure thing for the class of 2016. This also becomes the first Championship of Grant, Brian, and Kyle's careers as they seek more in their bright futures.

Congratulations to the SWBL Rockies on their first Championship in the Franchise Era, there are sure to be many more to come.

Now the Rockies will get their rightful place atop next year's power rankings as we can only assume the squad will stay together again on a Blake Spencer one year one team contract extenstion.

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