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Season 13 Playoffs

Article by: Sam Skibbe

Congratulations to the Royals, Rockies, Brewers, and Yankees on making it to the 2015 SWBL Playoffs.

The Royals and Brewers collected the top seeds in their divisions with the Royals going 8-2 on the season while the Brewers took the top NL spot going 7-3, and defeating the Rockies in both matchups throughout the regular season.

The Rockies also become the only team in the franchise era to make the playoffs in all four years with the elimination of the Rays.

First Round: Blake Spencer shut down the Brewers offense and won the game 8-3. Spencer Bogad got the surprise start for the Royals and the Yankees won 8-4 as the Royals could not get anything started, with Gus providing the only offense, hitting 3 solo home runs (Ty hit another).

With the AL winning the All-Star game, the Yankees were the home team, but it wouldnt matter as the Rockies win their first Championship in the franchise era after a 20-17 win against the Yankees. This game would go into extra innings as the offense would die then pick back up when needed. Jackson Crosely was a mess at the plate and could not buy his way on base as the Yankees drop a heartbreaker to the Rockies.

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