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SWBL - MLB Player Comparisons

Ever wonder who your favorite SWBL player would be if they played in MLB?

Article by: Chris Meador

Your answers are here. This list of completely unbiased comparisons relates each and every active SWBL player to a currently active MLB player. These comparisons have been carefully and statistically calculated so they are 100% correct. If you disagree with the player you are given, then you are in denial and should just embrace who you have become.

Here is the list, team-by-team:

SWBL Rockies

Blake Spencer = Yoenis Cespedes

Unquestionably one of the strongest and most feared hitters in the league. Will produce some of the furtherest and hardest hit home runs. Also no slouch in the field, will be in contention of a Gold Glove each and every year.

Brian Kenney = Jason Werth

Often unheralded, has turned in good season after good season. Often overlooked by his noteworthy teammates but teams usually end up in the playoffs with this man on their roster.

Kyle Breda = Trevor Plouffe

The power is there, the only concern is harnessing that power and bringing up the average. The sky is the limit with a prospect like this. Great seasons are to come in the future.

Grant = Denard Span

The sweet, sweet lefty swing is something to be desired. He is a table setter with gap to gap power. A describable asset that will hit for average and have a great WAR.

SWBL Brewers

Peter Leicht = Ian Kinsler

Has been doing it for years and has proven to be one of the most consistent players in the league. You know he is gonna hit for average, hit for power and play solid in the outfield.

Kyle Cornell = Marcel Ozuna

Very streaky hitter. Can hit 4 bombs in one game and can go hitless as well. Scouts have been saying for years that if consistency can be found, look out.

Patrick Gatti = Nelson Cruz

The man hits bombs. Deep bombs. Enough said.

Danny Bell = J.D. Martinez

A 5-tool guy. Chips in with a little bit of everything. You put him in the middle of a potent lineup and the numbers will surface.

SWBL Cardinals

Sam Skibbe = Justin Upton

Batting average, power, and leadership. Is usually in the running for MVP every season and has been trying to carry teams for years now.

Brett Spencer = Albert Pujols

Even with questionable lower extremities he has proven that he can still hit. Hit for average, hit for power, situational hitting. One of the few players on this list that possesses the ability to go oppo as well.

Nick Lape = Lucas Duda

Raw power. More of an American league player being forced to play in the National League. You know what you will get by the end of the year.

SWBL Royals

Gus Skibbie = Giancarlo Stanton

Most feared hitter in the league, will hit it out over any part of the fence. Also has shown flashes of brilliance in the field. It will be interesting to see how he rebounds from the…reality check…given to him at the end of the season.

Edloe Donnan = Chris Carter

This one was the easiest. He will be top 5 in HR and even possibly RBI each year. The average will not surprise anyone and they are very fortunate he doesn’t have to field.

Ty Butler = Starling Marte

Another 5-tool guy. Emerging as one of the league’s most exciting players. He can field, hit for power and hit for average. The future is bright.

Spencer Bogad = Josh Donaldson

In recent years he has produced shocking power numbers. His average goes up and down but usually ends up at season’s end. An average to above average fielder.

SWBL Yankees

Scott Pohle = Adrian Beltre

Just goes about his business year by year producing the same numbers. Rarely will you see a dip in this man’s production. As seen in recent years, this player needs his teammates to help him out.

Sam Bakula = Marlon Byrd

Has had his seasons in the past. The peak of his career most likely behind him. Will continue to sprinkle homeruns and put up a mundane average.

John Callaway = Justin Morneau

Another sweet, sweet lefty swing. Unlike most power hitters, this player has the ability to produce average along with homeruns. Also one of the more underrated fielders in the organization.

Jackson Crosley = Nick Punto

Just because it fits.


Alex Heck = Nick Markakis

Doesn’t need the lime-light. His numbers will consistently keep him in the lineup but his leadership is what keeps him a mainstay in an up and coming powerhouse.

Steve Hayes = Connor Gillaspie

The kid can hit. The kid has flown under the radar. Few people know his name and even fewer know what he is capable of in the near future.

Luke Bakula = Aramas Ramirez

He owns the Cardinals. Mediocre against everyone else.

Ray McGrew = Drew Stubbs

The man could lead the league in runs scored, if he could just get to first more often.

John Helling = Kurt Suzuki

One of the strongest players you can have to start a foundation with. He will put his heart into the organization and leave everything on the field.

Your 3-time reigning SWBL Champions: SWBL Rays

Paul Castellano = Jose Bautista

Whatever change that was made in recent years has worked out. The free-swinging righty will put up unreal power numbers and proceed with underrated fielding abilities.

Chris Meador = Jose Altuve

Will finished near the top in average. Can hit for power when wanted. Wheels on wheels. Wizard in the field. Best bat control league has seen since Joe Mauer.

Will Rath = Christian Yelich

One of the most underrated and unnoticed players in the league. Will be a household name before you know it. Will do whatever it takes to help his team win.

Derek Thompson = Anthony Rendon

The best comparison in my opinion. There is not one thing this player doesn’t do well. Zero holes in his game with the exception of responding to his teammates text messages regarding his whereabouts.

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