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Rays 3-Peat

Article by: Sam Skibbe

After the many rumors swirling around Rays camp this offseason about if Derek Thompson would be at any SWBL games this season, and the interesting signing of Will Rath and drafted rookie, Kevin Raher, the Rays were never a thought in the minds of a team that would sweep the playoffs with ease and take their third championship in a row.

With the new rules created in this year's season, teams can win at any time, against any opponent. The Rays proved that it doesnt matter how you get to the postseason, but how you play in it once you get there. They went 6-4 on the season, but won their final 3 games to win an unprecedented THIRD CHAMPIONSHIP IN A ROW.

The Rays were tied with the Yankees going into the last game of the season and whoever wins, went to the playoffs. The Rays beat them in convincing fashion. Then they had to face off against the 10-0 Royals and out muscled them to another convincing win. Then as the away team again in the Championship, they mercy ruled the Cardinals who had one of the best pitching cores in the league and who had already beat them this year, in just 4 innings of play.

To say that this was not the Rays year, would be a lie. They are a team who gets hot at the right times, are a team that is always in it, and has the heart to continue to bounce back from bad games. Will Rath gave them some much needed life when that fourth spot in the order came up in a tight spot and has his first SWBL Championship of his career after being dropped by the Royals in the offseason. The Rays can now be considered the first ever SWBL dynasty in league history. Congratulations to the SWBL Rays on yet another fantastic run in Season 12.

The questions now continues...will they stay together and can they do it again?


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