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Season 12 Playoffs

Article by: Sam Skibbe

Congratulations to the Royals, Rockies, Cardinals, and Rays on making it to the 2014 SWBL Playoffs.

The Royals and Rockies collected the top seeds in their divisions with the Royals garnering the first 10-0 season in SWBL history while the Rockies took the top NL spot going 6-4, 1 game ahead of the Cardinals and Brewers.

First Round: Sam Skibbe and the Cardinals shut down the Rockies offense beating them 12-3 in the first round of the SWBL playoffs while the Rays handed the Royals their first loss of the season with an onslaught of offense to carry them into the finals for the third straight year. Both lower seeds moved on after having lost to their playoff opponents both times in the regular season.

With the NL winning the All-Star game, the Cardinals were the home team, but it wouldnt matter as the Rays continued their offensive domination and the Cardinals were destroyed 12-2 in 4 innings under the mercy rule and the Rays pull of the three-peat.

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