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Kenney Wins HR Derby

Article by: Sam Skibbe

Rockies representative, Brian Kenney won the Home Run Derby on Saturday after the All-Star game under the lights at "The Blur". Brian was the lowest seed heading into every round of the contest, having to face off in a swing of to advance to every round before eventually beating the Cardinals, Nick Lape, winning the third annual HR Derby. Brian becoms the third player in three years to win the HR Derby and the second win for the Rockies franchise.

Here were all the participants:

Patick Gatti (Brewers), Nick Lape (Cardinals), Steve Hays (Athletics), Chris Meador (Rays), Andy Oldenburg (Pirates), Scott Pohle (Yankees), Edloe Donnan (Royals), and Brian Kenney (Rockies).

Congrats to Brian as our new HR Derby Champ!

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