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SWBL Takes Home 5 Wiffys

Article by: Sam Skibbe

Every year the NWLA holds a simulated awards show, awarding individuals, teams, and leagues from around the Wiffle community. Last season the SWBL took home 4 awards including Chris Meador for Midwest Fielder of the Year, the SWBL Pirates for the Dangerfield Tournament, and The SWBL for Event of the Year and Most Improved Website of the Year.

In 2013, we raised our Wiffy total by one, snagging 5 recognitions, including 4 individuals and one league award. Once again, the SWBL was included in the Event of the Year from the National Tournament in Ohio.

Another that all of us here at the SWBL expected and knew he should win was the fact that Chris Meador of the Rays should not only win the Midwest Fielder of the Year, but also win the National Fielder of the Year. Yesterday, when the announcements of the awards came through, he did just that, winning both awards after a season where he broke numerous SWBL fielding awards and put on a show in left field during the London and NWLA Tournaments in Ohio this past summer. Chris was also named to the NWLA First Team Fielders.

The other two awards, probably not many thought would happen: Cardinals Captain, Sam Skibbe took home the Wiffys for not only Midwest Hitter of the Year, but was named National Hitter of the Year as well. Sam led the SWBL in HR, RBI, and Hits in the 2013 season, almost breaking the single season record in all three categories, falling just short. Also, leading the NWLA tournament this past summer in On Base and Slugging Percentage helped in the decision for the National Hitter honor. Sam was also named to the NWLA First Team Hitters.

Congrats to all the Wiffy winners from across the continent and thanks to the NWLA for the recognitions! Four Wiffys in our first season in the NWLA, and five in the second, how many will the SWBL take home in 2014? Winter Meeting is next week, we will see everyone there for our first taste of Season 12!

Click here for a full list of the 2013 NWLA Wiffy Awards.

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