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2013 NWLA National Teams Selections

Article by: Sam Skibbe

The National Wiffleball League Association (NWLA), during the winter months, bring us offseason awards and recognition within the National Wiffleball community. The NWLA recognizes the best of the best in North America in the categories of Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, and Rookies. In 2012 (our first year in the NWLA) we took home 14 National Team selections. In our second year under the NWLA, we raised that by one, with a total of 15 selections in 2013.

Here are those selections:

Brett Spencer - Third Team Pitchers

Sam Skibbe - First Team Hitters; Blake Spencer - First Team Hitters; Gus Skibbe - Second Team Hitters, Paul Castellano - Second Team Hitters; Derek Thompson - Third Team Hitters; Peter Leicht - Third Team Hitters

Chris Meador - First Team Fielder; Gus Skibbe - Second Team Fielders; Peter Leicht - Third Team Fielders

Dave Menne - First Team Rookies; Steve Hays - First Team Rookies; Mark Menne - Second Team Rookies; Cam Branson - Third Team Rookies; Raymond McGrew - Third Team Rookies

Congrats to our selections. Within the next few weeks, the NWLA should be announcing the Wiffy Awards, which are the annual awards given out to individuals, teams, and leagues within the NWLA community.

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