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2013 NWLA Mock Tournaments

Article by: Sam Skibbe

As the 2013 NWLA Mock National tournaments begin to wrap up, none of the SWBL teams are left in the running.

After the Pirates won the 2012 Dangerfield Tournament and were crowned the worst wiffleball team in America, Rob Walters took over the Giants Franchise and again, went 0-10 in the 2013 season. They snagged the four seed in the Fastball region being only one of four wiffleball teams in America to go "defeated" in 2013. They made it to the Sweet 16, where they met the Tigers from the HRL, who would go on to "win" the title of worst wiffleball team in America.

In the Large League 2013 Mock Bracket, two SWBL teams received a bid to the tournament. The back to back SWBL Champion Rays ended the year as the #4 ranked Wiffleball team in America and were given a one seed in the Riser Region, while the NL Champion, Brewers snagged the four seed in the Fastball Region. Both teams were eliminated in the Sweet 16 as the Gothams from the HRL look to run with the rest of the tournment.

Next up on the national level is the announcement of the National Teams for hitting, pitching, rookies, and fielding. Stay tuned!

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