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Pirates Out, Giants In

Article by: Sam Skibbe

After their historic 0-10 season, topped off with a the title of the 2012 "worst team in the country", the Pirates are disbanding after their captain, Andy Oldenburg gets a job in Reno Nevada, working for the AAA Baseball Club, the Reno Aces. Commissioner Sam Skibbe had this to say, "Congrats to Andy on the job but the SWBL family will miss him and what he brought to our league. We hope to see him back here one day to get the Pirates their first win."

With the Pirates Out, we welcome back one of last year's Pirates who was told to walk the plank, Rob Walters to captain the new National League Franchise team. Rob will take over the SWBL Giants franchise for Season 11. Rob is one of the best characters in SWBL history and it will be interesting to see where he leads his team this season. Rob did express interest in many of the available Free Agents and looks to possibly sign one rookie to add a spark. With the offseason fast approaching and Season 11 less than 100 days away, the Giants will be looking to make a splash come April. Good luck to them in 2013.

With the Pirates out, the SWBL Cardinals take the spot for the #1 overall pick in the draft. New Draft Order for 2013: Cardinals, Yankees, Athletics, Giants, Royals, Brewers, Rockies, Rays

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