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The Next Decade

Article by: Sam Skibbe

Well, that's ten years in the books. Ten years, over 60 players, over 400 games, and too many memories to count.

To me, this season will always hold a special place in my heart. After many sleepless nights thinking about what needed to be done for this busy weekend event, I can now look back and reflect. This season could not have gone better. The weather was hot yes, but mother nature was good to us and the Wiffleball gods kept the rain away. Friday's opening ceremonies set the table for a truly remarkable weekend. Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem, Kaye Skibbe throwing out the first pitch, and a new tradition of media day with many entertaining interviews.

This season had a lot of history within itself. We had two shutouts pitched by two different pitchers, a new CY Young winner, a new MVP winner, and two players won the championship for their first time. We had our first cycle by Chris Meador, a new home run king in Paul Castellano, and a new RBI record set by Blake Spencer. We inducted our first two members into the SWBL Hall of Fame, a tradition that will hopefully pride this league on excellence and high-regard.

With this ten years in the books, we look to a new decade of wiffleball dreams. Expansion teams, multiple fields, a scoreboard, foul poles, a swimming pool, more sponsorships, and charity involvements are just a few things the league is excited about implementing. The league has always been changing year after year for the better and more bigger and better things are still to come.

To all the fans, families, players, sponsors, and community members we will see you next season as we start our new set of 10 years into a new decade of wiffleball history and traditions that continue to last a lifetime. Mark your calendars on memorial day for the next lifetime, because the SWBL is here to stay!

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