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Time For Change

Article by: Sam Skibbe

Wiffleball is a lost art, a game undefined by society. What was once the toy to buy in any stores those many years ago, now must be searched for in a sporting goods store! Wiffleball seems to have been replaced in American society, when in fact it should be respected and engraved into the fabric of our country.

That's where we come in. We are reviving the game of wiffleball. The SWBL has worked hard for 9 years to produce a quality league with great friends. As we approach our 10th year of league play, we reach a milestone that most backyard leagues could never dream of. This tradition of competition, friendship, and passion for a simple game should and could live on for many more decades to come.

Hence, change.

Change is needed to keep the SWBL legacy alive. We must adapt to what is going on in our lives to keep aloft our tenured league. As we embark on our journey's to adulthood and separate from childhood pals, it becomes harder and harder to keep a full summer league staffed with players to play.

The next chapter of our wiffleball memories begins this year, in Season 10. Ten years ago, 4 friends started an idea that would grow into an empire I never thought would be built, and gained a rich history that does not even seem possible. With the change to the 4-day Memorial Day Weekend Tournament, we can still play the full season and do it in 85% less of the time. We can start a new tradition of always coming back to St. Louis for those four days and continue what we started a decade ago.

The one thing that can never be changed though, is our history and the commitment of our league members who return each year. Without this, the SWBL would not have the same branded influence in over 80 young lives. It is my hope that you will continue that same commitment and passion towards a game that we all love. Register for this historic season and keep your career in the SWBL going. Never quit on great friends and a tradition that could last a lifetime.

See you in May.

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