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Past Tournaments

These are the tournaments that the SWBL has attended but is no longer participating in or have since been defunct.

London Tournament

Years Participated: 2012-2014

2012 Roster: Patrick Gatti, Andy Oldenburg, Sam Skibbe, Brett Spencer

2013 Roster: John Converse, Edloe Donnan, Patrick Gatti, Peter Leicht, Chris Meador

2014 Roster: Spencer Bogad, Patrick Gatti, Peter Leicht, Blake Spencer

2012 Finish: 4-2 (17th Place)

2013 Finish: 5-1 (13th Place)

2014 Finish: 5-2 (9th Place)

STL Sandbar League

Years Participated: 2017, 2018

2017 Roster: Spencer Bogad, Peter Leicht, Scott Pohle, Sam Skibbe, Blake Spencer, Brett Spencer

2018 Roster: Mike Bogad, Spencer Bogad, Jeff Pohle, Scott Pohle, Kevin Skibbe, Sam Skibbe

2017 Finish: 8-0 (Champions)

2018 Finish: 8-0 (Champions)

Sportsbarn Indoor Tournament

Years Participated: 2017

Participants: Spencer Bogad, John Calloway, Jackson Crosley, Mike Derstine, Scott Pohle, Will Rath, Gus Skibbe, Sam Skibbe

Finishes: 1st Place (6-0) and 3rd Place (4-1)

NWA End of Summer Classic

Years Participated: 2021, 2023

2021 Roster: Peter Leicht, Sam Skibbe, Blake Spencer, Brett Spencer

2021 Finish: 5-0 (Champions)

2023 Roster: Peter Leicht, Gus Skibbe, Sam Skibbe, Brett Spencer

2023 Finish: 6-0 (Champions)


Years Participated: 2020

2020 Roster: Bryan Benware, Spencer Bogad, Sam Skibbe, Blake Spencer, Brett Spencer

2020 Finish: 5-1 (3rd Place)

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