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NWLA Tournament

As an original team since tournament inception in 2012, the SWBL has traveled to OH, MN, PA and IN to compete in this yellow bat, clean ball, fast pitch, baserunning wiffle event.

Tournament Website

Current Rostered Players:

Jackson Crosley

Chris Meador

Kaleb Schweigert

Gus Skibbe

Sam Skibbe

Cam Smith

Brett Spencer

Jimmy Stout

Past Rostered Players: Spencer Bogad, Luke Bakula, Ty Butler, Patrick Gatti, Alex Heck, Brian Kenney, Peter Leicht, Andy Oldenburg, David Olderman, Scott Pohle, Blake Spencer, Auston Steffes

Year by Year Record:

2012: 3-2 (7th Place)

2013: 4-3 (3rd Place)

2014: 6-2 (3rd Place)

2015: 6-2 (5th Place) 3-1 in STL Regional

2016: 8-3 (2nd Place) 3-1-1 in MN Regional

2017: 8-2 (2nd Place)

2018: 5-2 (7th Place)

2019: 3-3 (8th Place)

2020: 3-3 (9th Place)

2021: 3-4 (7th Place)

2022: 5-3 (2nd Place)

2023: 6-3 (2nd Place)

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