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2019 Winter Meeting Recap

Winter Meeting was held on December 29th, 2019 after a very successful Media Weekend with Kevin (Pohle) and Ryan from the St. Louis Blues media department. Everyone that attended Media Weekend was very impressed and we all cannot wait to see the media content for Season 18.

For Winter Meeting we had 7 out of 8 local teams represented, as well as the D Bax listening in from Minnesota.

Winter Meeting Agenda Points of Necessary Knowledge include:

-All award winners and 2019 Champs need to bring back all trophies before the Season 18 begins.

-For Season 18, we will be bolstering the hype leading up to the weekend, and have some new in season concepts to explore including post game press conferences with a new sponsor, Classic SWBL games posted for looking back fondly, and more.

-Porta Pottys are back! Thank you to everyone who helped us get them on the trailer last year, we would love your help again in 2020. Try and poop somewhere else if you can...

-If you have any new merchandise that you want to add for the SWBL store, contact Brett or Blake and they can take care of you!

-Due to WiFi problems, we will be changing the password so that anyone that had the WiFi connected, will no longer have access to hopefully boost the signal for better streaming of the games.

-No gameplay rule changes for 2020. (A pinch running rule was brought up for discussion and voted on to a 7-0 vote against.)

-Team fees have been raised to $175 per team. This was a unanimous decision from the 7 captains in attendance and a suggestion brought on by Peter Leicht and Scott Pohle. Concerns of fencing in the future were a big cause of the uptick, but with five players, that's 10 more dollars a person. All captains are responsible for the league fee payment before their first game.

-Same 9 teams return, with the same division sponsors, and the same format for the weekend.

-All Star Game will have Gus and Scott as captains, with Scott being the home team and picking first.

-Reminder that the Speed Gun Limit is 55 MPH. Thank you for a fantastic season in 2019 in which we never had to use it!

-Hall of Fame nominees are updated on the website. If you have played in the league for 7 years and are interested in voting for the hall of fame, all you need to do is write an article for the website before the season. It can be anything! Last year, Kevin W wrote a haiku!

-Season 18 Registration is live on the website. Any rookie or returning player that did not play in 2019 must register.

-Unrestricted Free Agency begins January 1st. Any player not signed to a roster can be signed by anyone. Send contracts to or have both parties text the Commissioner to agree via text.

-If your team is interested in participating in the 2020 Draft, make sure to text the Commissioner to participate. Draft will be held in March.

-Annual Division Draw will be held in February. Tiers are as follows: 1 - Yankees, Royals, Rockies; 2 - Twins, Brewers, Athletics; 3 - Expos, D Bax, Astros

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions contact anyone on the front office! Thanks to everyone who attended Winter Meeting and have a great rest of your offseason.

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