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Winter Meeting Recap

Winter brought the 2016 Winter Meeting held at Corner Pub and Grill for the second annual year. We had a large turnout and we thank everyone for coming out for a great time talking wiffle. Here are some of the more important notes of what we can expect for Season 15...

Season 15 Goals:

-League Rebranding with new league and team logos, along with an overhaul of our media outlets.

-For the first time in our league's history we will be video taping ALL games and activities.

-New Sponsorship Possibilities.

-New flood lights added for more visibility at night and dusk.

-Team banners/past championship flags purchased.

Season 14 League Changes:

-League going to 9 Teams/3 Divisions

-Division Draw will be held in February. Each tier will be represented in a division:

-Tier 1: Phillies (Twins), Athletics, Rockies

-Tier 2: Royals, Yankees, Brewers

-Tier 3: Expos, Astros, Diamondbax

-5 Teams make playoffs (2 wild card teams)

-All Star Game is just for fun now. Still Sunday Night.

-2017 All Star Game – Chris and Alex are captains, Chris is home. Draft will be held to pick teams.

-Newest Expansion Franchise: SWBL Diamondbax (Captain, Trent Steffes)

-Phillies change their name to the SWBL Twins.

Rule Changes:

-The first strike of your at bat, if you watch the strike go by and hits the zone, you are automatically out.

-Dead ball on a successful pegging attempt.

-HOF Induction/Nomination Procedures will be changed by the front office.

Registration/League Fees

-Season 14 Registration is now open online. Only veterans who did not play in 2016 and rookies need to register.

-League Fees (100 dollars per team)

-Jerseys/Matching Colors needed for 2017


-Free Agent Process and Contracts will be emailed to Captains in the coming week.

National Update

-National Recognitions – Teams and Wiffy Awards

-NWLA Tournament (July 14-16)/Regionals (Early June Weekend)

-Dates to remember:

-Registration Period: January 1st – March 15th

-Unrestricted Free Agency Begins: January 15th

-Division Draw: February 2016

-Rookie Draft: March 2016

-Captains Meeting: Mid May

-League Fees due BEFORE first game on May 26th.

-Season 15 Dates: May 26th-May 29th

If you have any questions, email the front office at

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